You can send reminder messages in a targeted manner to respondents if you have sent or scheduled an invitation using Inclus previously.


Click the Invitations tab.


Find the invitation message which you previously sent or scheduled. Open its page by clicking its title or the eye-icon.


At the bottom, select Send message to all participants or send message to unfinished participants. Both buttons will create a copy of the current invitation along with its list of recipients, the difference being whether to copy all or only the unfinished participants as the recipients of the new invitation.

Edit the new invitation to indicate it is a reminder, e.g. in the email subject.

You may send the reminder message immediately or schedule it for later. If you are sending the reminder message immediately it is important to select which recipients receive your message.

If you are scheduling the message, you can select who it goes to at that time at the bottom of the page. It is recommended that you select Those who are not yet finished at that time when scheduling reminders.

Press Preview and schedule.

To create multiple reminder messages repeat the process by this time copying the reminder you just scheduled.