Go to the project page and select the Open you want to share in the query link for the session.

You can share a query link using the following methods:

You can send query invitation messages directly from the app. This allows you to monitor the activity of respondents and to send targeted reminder messages to participants.

To send invitation messages in Inclus:

Click the project and Invitations tab.

Create a new invitation message.

In the drop-down menu, select the session to which you are inviting respondents or a call message that you created earlier. Fill in the required fields, add recipients, and send. An autoinvite link is automatically added to each message.

To send reminder messages:


Click the project and Invitations tab.


Select a query invitation that you sent earlier.


Select Send message to all attendees or send message to unfinished attendees.


Respondents status monitoring and removal of test responses:


Click the Project and Sessions tab.


Under your preferred session, click Manage Attendees.

You can also copy the link to the session query link directly to the email and share as is. In this case, respondents will not be able to return later, as the respondents do not receive personal links.


Select the Sessions tab and under Questionnaire click Open or Private under the session you want.

Copy the session link and send.

Click Create Shortlink to make the link shorter.

Select the link and QR code to open the QR code in a separate window. Show the QR code in the workshop and respondents can take advantage of the QR code reader to open the form.