Every session has its own conclusions which are edited on each sessions' visualizations page. Additionally, the project has its own conclusions which are edited on the project visualizations page.

We recommend that you add your conclusions using the project results page unless you specifically need to write different versions of conclusions for each session.

Conclusions are written for individual items. To begin select one item in the scatter plot to write conclusions for. When only a single item is selected the Add or edit conclusions button is shown to the right of the plot. Clicking the button will open the conclusion editing window.

To write conclusions you need conclusion fields which are basically categories for conclusions. You can write all your notes in one field or categorize your notes using multiple fields. 

If you don't yet have a single conclusion field, you can add it in the conclusions editing window of any item. Conclusion fields are shared among all sessions and the project itself; you don't need to worry about which results page you are on when creating them.

On the bottom of the conclusion editing window, press Add new conclusion field, give a name to the field and press Add.

When you have at least one field, you can write the content for the currently selected item. This is where you need to mind what visualizations page you are on. If you are on a session's visualizations page, the content you write is attached to that session and not visible elsewhere.