1. You can visualize the variance and standard deviation as correlated with the size and direction of the ellipses, which will help you quickly find the differences between the groups of respondents. In the top panel, select the size of the circle image replies scatter icon.

2. You can view the views of single respondents by clicking one of the assessment factors. Respondents who have commented are marked as shimmering squares.

You can adjust whether you want to show the background group or name of the spirit

(Project Settings > show Commentor background question replies to a comment and participants should tell their name before answering)


3. You can visualize any criterion in the ball size. The size of the ball correlates with the average of the criterion. In the top panel, select the circle size based on criterion icon and select the criteria you want from the drop-down menu.

4. To visualize the categories area, select the show categories/tags areas and names in the graph icon in the top panel.

5. To compare responses from different respondents to the average of all respondents, select one or more of the background groups you want in the right panel. Shift + Click to deselect previous options and select only the option you click.

6. You can compare the answers given to different sessions when they have the same factors and criteria. In the top panel, select Compare and select the category or author you want (from the drop-down menu).

7. You can use answer data from several questions as four-field axes. You can sum up and multiply the criteria into aggregates by clicking the axis name and selecting multiple. To build more complex equations, contact support@inclus.com

8. You can use a separate benchmark feature to import response data from other projects. In this case, the response data for the other project can be presented as a custom response category on the results page. Benchmark data can be presented both anonymously and completely transparently. If you want to take advantage of benchmark data, contact support@inclus.com.